Saturday, May 21, 2011

Race 07 WTCC 2010 Expansion-TiNYiSO

Release Group: TiNYiSO
Release Name: Race.07.WTCC.2010.Expansion-TiNYiSO
Release Date: 2011-05-21
Filename: t-wtcc10.r00
Genre: Racing | Simulator
Critics: 8.3
Published by: Viva Media
Developed by: SimBin

WTCC 2010 brings you five authentic and highly detailed racing cars from the 2010 WTCC series featuring 26 different liveries. Eleven highly detailed race tracks, all in their 2010 configurations, one of which has never seen before in authentic race gaming. This expansion completes your touring car collection. The WTCC 2010 pack fills a large gap and finally gives the latest touring cars to the RACE fans. RACE the complete 2010 World Touring Car Championship with all the teams, all the cars and all the tracks licensed and lovingly recreated down to the smallest detail. This is your time to shine and rewrite history as you battle for the championship.


*Combined with the “RACE 07”, the content features; – 16 unique car models in 10 different classes and 20 racing tracks.
*Multiplayer, up to 25 players online or using AI.
*Ghost racing against own or others lap times.
*Real regulations from the WTCC; as real as you want it to be.

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