Monday, December 5, 2011

Iron Man Armored Adventures 212 – All the Best People Are Mad & Iron Man Armored Adventures 213 – Heavy Mettle – [Oj]

Release Group: Oj ( P2P )
Release Name: Iron.Man.Armored.Adventures-212-All.the.Best.People.Are.Mad-Proper-[Oj]
Release Date: Dec 5, 2011
Filename: Iron.Man.Armored.Adventures-212-All.the.Best.People.Are.Mad-Proper-[Oj].Avi
Source: HDTV
Size: 198 MB
Genre: Animation | Action | Super Heroe
Runtime: 25 min
Season & Episode: Ep 212 : All the Best People Are Mad | Ep 213 : Heavy Mettle
Release Description

Tony’s lack of sleep is affecting Iron Man’s abilities to fight crime.

Stane loses his job and uncovers who Iron Man really is, so he snatches Iron Monger and plans to do some damage.

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